Maintenance Services

You have a lot invested in your HVAC system! Full Maintenance services make a difference in a lot of areas. Keep your equipment clean, and going strong with maintenance tune-ups to improve capacity as well as capture repairs under warranty. Maintenance for your system can help identify small issues before they turn into big problems, and you’ll sleep better at night knowing that a qualified professional has recently examined your system.

You will prolong the life of your equipment and significantly reduce your chances for unexpected breakdowns. It’s a real service that has a real impact on your HVAC equipment. At least once a year, according to energystar.gov.

  • Keeps your equipment running at maximum efficiency. Cleaning the condenser coil, air filter, and other components will prevent debris from clogging your system. Your system won’t need to work harder than it should
  • Honors requirements for manufacturer warranties. Many manufacturers require maintenance as part of their warranty terms. With routine tune-ups, you can honor these warranties and have better peace of mind.
  • Prolongs equipment life. By removing debris and adjusting the components each year, our technicians will maximize the lifespan of your system.
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality. When air passes through a dirty air filter, it will pick up debris and distribute it throughout your home. Removing that debris will ultimately make your air cleaner and safer to breathe in your home.
  • Reduces the frequency and costs of repairs. Routine maintenance reduces the chances your system will need to be repaired. If a problem does arise, it’s likely to be much more minor and affordable.
Before After Outdoor Coil Tune up

Left Side Before Cleaning. Right Side After Cleaning.

Why Choose Our Premier Maintenance Membership?

We recommend homeowners schedule at least one to two maintenance visits per year for their system.  We can also enroll in Premier Maintenance Membership, where you’ll get automatically got contacted by us to schedule your maintenance visit for your heating & cooling system. As well as discounts on repairs and priority service scheduling!

We will perform an in-depth maintenance service of your cooling and heating system to ensure it’s in tip-top shape when we leave.

  • Check thermostat operation
  • Monitor Temperature Split
  • Monitor voltage/amperage
  • Check defrost components & test defrost cycle
  • Clean filter or replace (customer supplied)
  • Inspect contactors, relays, and circuit boards
  • Inspect disconnect
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Check operating pressures
  • Clean & adjust blower components
  • Clean Condensate drains
  • Check caps & start components
  • Inspect bearings and lubricate all moving parts
  • Clean outdoor condenser coil and advise customer of condition
  • Test & Adjust Safety Controls
  • Clean indoor evaporator coil and advise customer of condition
  • Lubricate moving parts where applicable
  • Test & Run Combustion analysis on gas furnaces
  • Clean Ignition assembly
  • Perform safety inspection on heat exchanger
  • Clean & Adjust burner/pilot assembly
  • Measure Heating/Cooling Transfer Capability
  • Check & document superheat & subcool (cooling)
  • Check voltage and amperage to all motors & compressor
  • Explain necessary repairs
  • Inspect wiring & tighten electrical connections
  • Wash exterior of outdoor unit & wipe down.
  • Run & Test Starting Capabilities
  • Run and test system completely upon completion of maintenance.
  • Inspect duct seal at unit and secure panels

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We will perform an in-depth maintenance service of your cooling and heating system to ensure it’s in tip-top shape when we leave.

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